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Cuminum cyminum

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Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) at Woldhuis Farms Sunrise Greenhouses

Cumin flowers

(Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder)

Height:  12 inches

Spread:  15 inches

Sunlight:  full sun 

Hardiness Zone:  (annual)

Other Names:  Cummin, Jeera, Geerah


This aromatic herb is widely used as a food flavoring in many cultures; a fine textured plant producing clusters of tiny pink or white flowers in late spring, followed by the seeds; an interesting and useful addition to the herb garden

Edible Qualities

Cumin is an annual herb that is commonly grown for its edible qualities. It produces khaki (brownish-green) seeds which are harvested from late summer to early fall. The seeds have an earthy taste.

The seeds are most often used in the following ways:

  • Seasoning

Planting & Growing

Cumin will grow to be about 12 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 15 inches. Its foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not requiring facer plants in front. This fast-growing annual will normally live for one full growing season, needing replacement the following year.

This plant is typically grown in a designated herb garden. It should only be grown in full sunlight. It is very adaptable to both dry and moist growing conditions, but will not tolerate any standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH. It is somewhat tolerant of urban pollution. This species is not originally from North America.

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